We headed into Portland this morning to have some reading time with two very special princesses, Anna and Elsa. On the way there, we stopped to get bagels and as Brycen was eating his-he passed out! I wonder if he’d still try to take a morning nap at 9:30 if he didn’t get up at 5:30.

wpid-img_20150524_102439345.jpgWe woke him up to hang with Anna and Elsa. Airlie was super excited since Elsa came to our house on her 4th birthday. I think Airlie was a bit overwhelmed by all the other folks around, but in time, she got more comfortable. They told stories, danced and made magic happen for all the little ones around.




wpid-img_20150524_192950.jpgAfter some princess time, we headed to a local county fair for more fun. Of course, Airlie remembered the soft-serve ice cream from the agricultural festival we went to last month, so we had to get some of that. The kiddos each had their own unique way to eat their cones.







Before we left, they went on a few rides but Airlie is still a bit hesitant of them. We got them on the boat ride, which they were super stoked to go on at first. But once it started moving around (bouncing up and down like a wave), Airlie said she wanted to get off. So, the guy stopped the ride and I took the kiddos back to the mellow trucks for those big, comfortable smiles.





These two just keep me laughing. Kids really do say the silliest things that keep me smiling whenever I’m around them. So, Brycen has been out of diapers for awhile now, but for some reason, he had an accident today. When we noticed wet pants on the floor,  Jay asked him if he peed in his pants, Brycen said, “No daddy, I didn’t pee in my pants, I peed on my pants”. Haha. On the drive home this afternoon, I was talking about running an errand to the grocery store and Airlie wanted to join me. Brycen told her if she went, his big sister wouldn’t be home with him, so he wanted her to stay home. Then he said, “we can play on the outside on the play structure-would that be okay, Airlie”? Seriously, it is stinkin’ adorable how inseparable these two are. They constantly are laughing at each other and most of the time, being kind to each other.  As we were get ready to leave this morning, Brycen found Airlie’s sweatshirt and brought it to her (they usually do this with helping each other find their shoes). Of course there are moments of frustration with sharing, feeling feelings and communicating-but that is part of being siblings. And as they continue to get to know each other, building their bonds, I get to enjoy every single second I am around them.

Rainy Day Fun

During the week, I can’t wait for the weekend so I can spend time with my littles. I can’t wait to talk with them, hear their stories, watch them explore and experience their snuggles. Of course, there are always those moments of pushing boundaries and testing patience-but at this age-that is their job. It’s my job to help them feel those feelings and be present with their toddlerhood. These days are going by quickly.  I just had a close friend have her baby and even though mine are only 2 and 4, I’m already looking back at how fast they’ve grown and wondered how those years zoomed by. So, as I have always said, I am holding on close. I am continually learning patience and reminding myself to be kind to my soul. These two sweet souls are my little teachers,  and they are my most important job in the world. They are constantly teaching me life, love and myself. I am so grateful for any day that I get to spend with them, but a day watching them giggle, explore and learn is always a bit of sunshine on a cloudy day.

So, after Airlie’s ballet class, I took the kiddos to the Children’s Museum today and we had a blast. I am so happy that it is less than 20 minutes from our house. We started at the grocery store, where after they collected all their groceries, Airlie helped Brycen check out and bag his treasures.


Then, we headed to one of their favorites-the dig pit!Although…each room seems to be a favorite!


wpid-img_20150523_110425390.jpgOne of Airlie’s favorite rooms is the vet office. She grabs the books and reads to her patients. Brycen was pretending to give the pups a bath and they just create their stories while learning.




There was a special guest at the museum today. A sweet little llama. Airlie was a bit nervous to feed him, but Brycen got right up to do it.



wpid-img_20150523_113102001.jpg My sweet girl…

wpid-img_20150523_113207161.jpgThe water play room is always full of fun!





And for the first time, the kiddos wanted to paint their faces today. We always pass the opportunity when we visit the museum, but they were stoked to draw today. Luckily, they didn’t ask if they can draw on mama’s face!






After some face painting, they pretended to drive a school bus, ambulance and other helpful vehicles-creating stories as I was their passenger.



And then one of Airlie’s favorite exhibits (which ends this month)…the circus! She absolutely loved swinging and that smile radiates my soul. They walked tight ropes, lifted “heavy weights”, swung from a trapeze and hula hooped through it together.







Eventually, Brycen joined the fun and started to swing on the trapeze too.


My favorite is just getting to observe them interact with each other. They pretended to sell me tickets and giggled as they told stories.wpid-img_20150523_123015290.jpg







sweet treat

Just a few silly pics of my silly sprouts. Thanks to my mama, I took the kiddos out for dinner and cheesecake the other night. This was their first experience at the “cake factory” and then were super stoked to be there.I thought for sure they’d finish the piece, but nope, between the three of us we still took home half. It was however, the next night!





wpid-img_20150520_180749902_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150519_184310827.jpg

Airlie and I headed into Portland with friends to see a play (The Little Mermaid!), grab some sweet treats and enjoy some lovely mama-daughter time! Airlie loves being with Brycen, but I think she really enjoyed some mama-time to herself today. We don’t get it often and it was all about Airlie and “girl time”. She is so much fun to be with and my heart is so filled from our adventures today. Airlie and her friend Eliza had so many laughs and their love of life is so contagious.

wpid-img_20150516_112421418.jpg wpid-img_20150516_112344633.jpgwpid-1788.jpegThe play was amazing. It was different than the typical Disney story, but the girls were in awe and giggling the entire time. There were clown fish, a silly seahorse, colorful pink-haired mermaids, acrobatic dancers swinging on fabric, a Cuban prince, Ariel and even with the mean sea witch-which was a 15ft puppet!

wpid-img_20150516_134449866.jpg wpid-img_20150516_134439045.jpg wpid-img_20150516_134039681.jpgwpid-1796.jpeg

Airlie was still scared of the sea witch, but her friend Eliza took a sweet picture.wpid-1780.jpegAfter the play, we explored NW Portland, ate some NY style best (some of the best in Portland)…

wpid-img_20150516_142804167.jpg wpid-img_20150516_143500434.jpg wpid-img_20150516_143431320.jpgThe girls enjoyed some strawberry-marmalade ice cream…especially Airlie!

wpid-1711.jpeg wpid-img_20150516_154626215.jpg After some more exploring and playing in a local toy store, Airlie and I grabbed some local donuts (raspberry glazed!) and headed home. She didn’t let the donuts down the whole drive home-even though she was resisting passing out.

wpid-img_20150516_163253283.jpg This sweet little girl went to bed shortly after we got home. We ate some leftover pizza, a bit of sweets and painted her toes sparkly butterflies. But…this little guy…resisted sleep even as type this blog. He took a late nap and refuses to settle down. No matter how many snuggles thinking he is asleep, little sprout comes out of his room ready to play once he realizes I am no longer lying next to him. It is exhausting for my mind, but in my heart, pure sweetness.



We’ve been prepping the yard for summer and the kiddos always love to be outside….even in undies, pink cowgirl boots and a princess dress.






This past Saturday, my yoga studio had a fundraiser for Make-a-Wish, which included free yoga with the kiddos and a walk through town to learn about the historical sites. The kids loved the yoga and did awesome hiking through town. Afterwards, we got to laugh at this silly photo…


And I will always love capturing my own silly photos with my two favorite little sprouts.


Oh these two say the cutest things. I always tell them that their hearts are filled with love and when they share their love and kindness, it spreads happiness. So, as I was putting them to bed the other night, they kept asking for more hugs because she needed to keep filling up her heart with love.


We read and talk a lot about the earth and environment around here. We want them to care about the fish, wildlife and habitat that we depend on and share this earth with. I guess they get it because the other night, Airlie told me about a dream she had. She said she dreamed of all the trees on the earth and that no one would ever cut the trees…”on the whole earth”. It was the sweetest little thing I heard from her heart.


Airlie is now in an official “pre-ballet” class. We don’t take classes over the summer, so we’ll see how long her interest lasts. But for now, she loves it. Even as we’re hiking, I find her doing her ballet moves on the trail.




Of course, tea parties and dress up are quite the event around here. I love watching the way they create together.


These days they are always testing our patience too. I find myself feeling guilty if I lose it, and asking for an apology from the kiddos. I want them to understand that everyone is allowed to feel grumpy and frustrated sometimes. We just have to express our feelings and talk to each other. Everyone needs to remember to just breathe and not react immediately. As difficult as these days may sometimes be to find that patience when boundaries are being tested, I fear that the teenage years will be so much harder on my heart.










I took the kiddos to a festival all about agricultural in Oregon…and they loved it! They got a kick out of all the animals and watching their excitement (and hearing the giggles) was priceless. Brycen wanted to touch and feed everything, but Airlie was more reserved. She would just observe and if the cows mooed too loud, she’d back up behind  me. It was quite adorable.



They especially loved the bunnies. We kept having to go back for more snuggles with them (there were quite soft and adorable).







I love the looks in the picture-from both Airlie and the girl holding the calf. Serious stand off.


This sow with her little piglets was the cutest thing ever. This (and the sweet cows) is one reason why I am vegetarian. They were too stinkin cute.


Watching little chicks just breaking free from their shells…


And this sweet colt (part pony/part donkey) was less than a week old. Ridiculous.


Oh and these guys, alpacas…they just make me laugh. All of them had different hairstyles.


One of their favorite parts was the kiddos went on their first pony ride. I wasn’t sure if they’d actually follow through, but they were stoked. Afterwards, Airlie told me that as she was riding the pony, she imagined it was a unicorn, which she still wants to ride one day…












Another favorite part of today for Airlie (since she actually finished hers) was the soft-serve ice cream. Brycen switched his for some local berries they were passing out.



We had such a fun day. On our way home, the kiddos giggled and talked about all the animals they wanted to get for home. Airlie told me she wanted to visit a farm every day. The agricultural festival was free for kids and such a fun way to educate the littles about Oregon farming and where their food comes from. They met local farmers, learned about the animals and had an awesome time. One thing we missed was the tractor ride, but Airlie wasn’t quite into it this year. Next year, Brycen will for sure be ready too. I can’t wait to take them back next year!



And lastly, here is an oldie that my sister sent me today (not even knowing that I was at the festival!) of us when I was about 6 months on my first horse ride!









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